Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tee Ball

Margaux decided to go ahead and give tee ball a try this spring. She put gymnastics and ballet on the back burner to do so, since she is also still taking swimming lessons. The team is made up of both boys and girls, which is okay for now, but I do look forward to when she will play with just girls on her sports teams. Her team is called the White Sox. She has made so much progress with her swimming, she's truly a natural it would seem! 

Shamrocks & The Easter Bunny

March Madness! (Not really, I have NO interest in the college play offs.) Margaux had fun dressing in her finest green for school on St. Paddy's Day. Patrick took her downtown to the parade while I was working. Our annual Easter Bunny picture turned out cute, of course, but I was disappointed that it wasn't the same brown bunny that she was photographed with since she was 6 months old. End of a photographing era!

#1 Cavaliers

The basketball season wrapped up in February and Patrick's Cavaliers ended undefeated! We hosted a team pizza party afterward. Margaux isn't so sure she liked basketball, but at least she tried it.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Daddy/Daughter Dance 2015

Margaux and Daddy went to the Daddy/Daughter Dance on February 6th at the River Forest Community Center. Margaux had a lot of fun this year, since she also had a group of friends that were attending. The was a dinner/ice cream sundae buffet, a corsage table, manicures and dancing. She chose her own dress this year, as well as her own hairstyle. My big girl. 

January 2015 Things

 Margaux hosted her first official sleep over with my Goddaughter, Addy.
 Happy girls.
 All ready to go see Disney On Ice: Frozen

Her 100th Day of School project.
She just loves kindergarten! We are very happy with our decision to send her to our local school.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

NYE 2015

Gone are the days when we would go out on the town and get completely crazy on New Year's Eve, but ah, the memories!  Once again, we stayed in with our girl and filled our tummies with yummy fondue, watched the ball drop in NYC and then cozied down to sleep. Hoping that 2015 is good to us!